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The cello school welcomes children from 3 years old and adults of all ages for weekly lessons. Request a free trial lesson by calling or via email.


Musical education

Naïs is passionate about teaching, and trained at the Pôle Superieur in Paris, where she obtained her State Diploma in 2014.

Eager to pass on her passion for music to young children, she turned to Suzuki Pedagogy and trained in this very specific method of teaching. It is about learning music in the same way children learn their mother language that is, by listening to it, then by reproducing simple melodies, and after a few years, by reading scores. This style of education is suitable for children from 3 years old, as well as for older children, and involves parents sharing in the fun. It is structured around an individual lesson and a group lesson per week.

Naïs teaches all levels and age groups, adapting to anyone’s wishes or needs in order to put enjoyment of the pleasure of music first.

Children playing the celloin front of children classes in a library
Presentation of the cello Suzuki class to a school class, St-Maurice library, 2016.


Summer courses

The Auberg’IN offers you a one week cello course in August 2021. This involves individual lessons, group lessons, group games for young and old/beginners and those more experienced.

Registrations are opened!


Tailor Made Internships

Naïs offers a new concept: personalised cello lessons!


Some photos of the classroom

La salle de cours, partitions pour élèves et ensembles d'élèves La salle de cours, places pour du public
La salle de cours, chaises, tapis et pupitres